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This page selects a few items that attempt to explain how scripts work in a way that is accessible to both the beginner and the script expert. For more, see the links to the right.

Script links

Choose a script to quickly locate information about it.

You can now also apply a rough filter for active, limited or historic use, and highlight recent or liturgical scripts.


Get information about key characteristics of a number of orthographies. It is not intended to be exhaustively scientific, but the interactive table gives an idea of what orthographies require what type of feature support.

Notes summarising the key features of a given script or orthography. Also notes on typographic conventions.

Orthography notes switch

Allows quick comparisons across the various orthographic information.

By orthography

Character-by-character notes for Unicode blocks used by the scripts listed below.

AdlamArabicArmenianBalineseBamumBassa VahBatakBengaliBugineseBuhidChamCherokeeCyrillicDevanagariEthiopicGarayGeorgianGreekGujaratiGurmukhiHanifi RohingyaHanunooHebrewJapaneseJavaneseKayah LiKhmerLaoLatinLepchaLimbuLisuMalayalamMiaoMandaicMongolianMroMyanmarN’KoNag MundariNewaNew Tai LüOriyaOl ChikiOsageSinhalaSora SompengSunuwarSundaneseSyriacTagbanwaTai LeTai ThamTai VietTamilTeluguThaanaThaiTibetanTifinaghUCASWanchoVai

Filterable lists of terms that can be used for finding examples or testing for letter combinations. Many terms are accompanied by meaning, IPA and other transcriptions, and for all it is possible to see the sequence of characters used.

Balinese Balinese Bamum Bamoun Bassa Vah Bassa Batak Batak Bengali Bangla Buginese Buginese Buhid Buhid
Devanagari Hindi Kashmiri
Ethiopic Amharic
Fraser script Lisu
Garay Wolof Georgian Georgian Greek Greek Gujarati Gujarati Gurmukhi Punjabi
Hanifi Rohingya Rohingya Hanunóo Hanunó’o Hausa boko ajami Hebrew Hebrew
Japanese Japanese Javanese Javanese
Kashmiri arab deva Kayah Li Western Kayah Khmer Cambodian Kurdish Sorani Kurmanji
Lanna Northern Thai Tai Khün Lao Lao Latin Bamanan Fula Hausa Kurmanji Wolof Lepcha Lepcha Limbu Limbu Lisu Lisu
Malayalam Malayalam Mandaic Mandaic Miao A-Hmao Mongolian cyrl mong Mro Mru Myanmar Burmese Shan
N’Ko N’Ko Nag Mundari Mundari Newa Newar New Tai Lü Tai Lü
Ol Chiki Santali Oriya Odia Osage Osage
Pollard script A-Hmao
Sinhala Sinhala Sora Sompeng Sora Sunuwar Kiranti-Kõits Sundanese Sundanese Syriac Assyrian Neo-Aramaic Classical Syriac Turoyo
Tagbanwa Aborlan Tagbanwa Tai Le Tai Nüa Tai Tham Northern Thai Tai Khün Tai Viet Tai Dam Tamil Tamil Telugu Telugu Thaana Dhivehi Thai Thai Tibetan Lhasa Tifinagh Tamazight
Vai Vai
Wancho Wancho Wolof latin garay wolofal

For anyone who wants to better understand how scripts work in computerised environments, and more particularly with regards to Unicode. The material should be accessible for a wide audience, from developers to managers, and comes with a set of interactive pages that explore the examples and scripts in the tutorial.

Arabic CyrillicDevanagariGreekHanHangulHebrewJapaneseLatinThaiTibetanWord wrap tester

Find characters used by a particular language, or languages that use a given non-ASCII character.


Character apps are likely to be most useful if you don't know a script well enough to use the native keyboard. The arrangement of characters also makes it much more useable than a regular character map utility, and they may include characters from more than one block. However, character apps also provide transliteration and other tools, and are as useful for analysing text as for inputting it.

Text samples for most of the scripts supported in Unicode.

Provides a (not exhaustive) list of fonts, grouped by script, that are available via the Windows 10 and Mac OS X operating systems, as well as Google's Noto fonts and SIL fonts.

Parses a string and shows extended grapheme cluster boundaries (except for Korean jamo and emoji character sequences).

Generates a matrix of conjunct forms for a given complex script. Allows you to inspect the results for a given font.

Generates a matrix of consonant+vowel pairings.

Find links to more script-related articles on the Doc list page and the App list page.

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