Garay character notes

This page lists characters used in orthographies based on the Garay script and provides information about them.

Character notes have companion pages that summarise how a script is used for a specific orthography. For the Garay script, see Wolof (Garay).

Garay is scheduled for inclusion into the Unicode repertoire in version 16. This page uses the code points that are expected to be used for version 16. Because Garay is not yet encoded in Unicode, some links may not produce results.

The Garay font used for this page was not really designed for use with running text. It doesn't place diacritics above base characters, and there is an overlarge gap before 𐵌U+10D4C GARAY VOWEL SIGN O, but gaps are missing around several other letters when side by side. Allowances need to be made for the fact that this is a very early implementation when looking at examples.

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Richard Ishida, Garay Character Notes, 11-Dec-2023,

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