Unicode character pickers

Updated Wed 6 Sep 2016 • tags pickers, apps.

The Unicode character pickers allow you to produce or analyse runs of text for a language or script that uses non-Latin characters. Character pickers are especially useful for people who don't know a script well, as characters are displayed in ways that aid identification and input (unlike a regular character map). The pickers are often language-specific. They are written in HTML and JavaScript, so no need to download anything – just use any browser.

You can easily cut and paste text between the picker and your own document. The pickers are just as useful for analysing text copied from other locations as they are for creating text.

Available pickers

Each picker has its own help file, which explains how to use the picker and what features are available. Features vary, but can include automatic transcription to and from the text, shape-based hints and selection methods, keyboards, codepoint listing, creating examples in markup, control over the font used, etc.

Bugs and requests

Please raise an issue if you'd like to see other characters, fonts or pickers. If you want a new picker, you'll have to provide (a) a list of all characters to be supported, and (b) a proposed layout for the characters in the selection area. Pickers can be language-specific. Note that if there is no picker for what you need, you may be able to use the picker-like features of Uniview. Just select a block, click on the big up-arrow below the text box (top right), then click on characters.

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