Fonts supplied with Windows and Mac OS X, by script

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This page provides a list of fonts provided by the Windows7/8 and Mac OS X SnowLeopard/Lion operating systems, grouped by script. This kind of list could be used to set font-family styles for CSS, if you want to be reasonably sure what someone reading a page will see, or it could be used just to find a font you like for a particular script. I'm still working on the list, and there are some caveats – see the notes at the end of the page.

Click on an image to see the font applied (if you have it on your system, of course) to some text at various sizes.


Windows Sylfaen

Mac Mshtakan+bold, italic, bold-italic

Mac iOS Arial Unicode MS(lion)


Windows Arabic Typesetting

Windows Traditional Arabic +bold

MacAl Bayan+bold

Windows Sakkal Majalla

MacDecotype Naskh

Windows Simplified Arabic


MacGeeza Pro



WindowsMacArial+bold, italic, bold-italic

MacArial Unicode MS


WindowsMacMicrosoft Sans Serif

WindowsMacCourier New+bold, italic, bold-italic

Windows Simplified Arabic Fixed

Windows Andalus


Windows Microsoft Uighur+bold

Windows8 Aldhabi(win8)

Windows8 Urdu Typesetting(win8)


Windows Shonar Bangla +bold

Windows Nirmala UI (win8)

Windows Vrinda +bold

Mac Bangla MN(lion)

Mac Bangla Sangam MN(lion)

Mac Arial Unicode MS(lion)

Canadian Syllabics

Windows Euphemia

Mac Euphemia UCAS+bold, italic

Windows8 Gadugi(win8)


Windows Plantagenet Cherokee

Mac Plantagenet Cherokee

Mac Noteworthy(lion)

Windows8 Gadugi(win8)

Chinese (Simplified)

Windows KaiTi Simplified

Mac Kai Simplified

Mac STKaiti Simplified

Windows FangSong Simplified

Mac STFangsong Simplified

Windows Microsoft YaHei Simplified

Windows NSimSun Simplified

Windows SimSun Simplified

Windows SimSun-ExtB Simplified

Windows SimHei Simplified

Mac Hei Simplified

Mac STHeiti+light Simplified

Mac STSongSimplified

Chinese (Traditional)

Windows DFKai-SB Traditional

Mac BiauKai Traditional

Windows Microsoft JhengHei +bold Traditional

Windows MingLiU Traditional

Windows MingLiU-ExtB Traditional

Windows MingLiU-HKSCS-ExtB Traditional

Windows PMingLiU Traditional

Windows PMingLiU-ExtB Traditional

Mac Apple LiGothic Traditional

Mac LiHei Pro Traditional

Mac Apple LiSong Traditional

Mac LiSong Pro Traditional


Windows Aparajita +bold, italic, bold-italic

Windows Kokila +bold, italic, bold-italic

Windows Mangal +bold

Windows Utsaah +bold, italic, bold-italic

Windows Nirmala UI (win8)

Mac Devanagari MT+bold

Mac Arial Unicode MS(lion)

Mac Devanagari Sangam MN(lion)


Windows Nyala

Mac Kefa(lion)


Windows Sylfaen

Mac Menlo+bold, italic, bold-italic

Mac Arial Unicode MS(lion)


Windows Shruti

Windows Nirmala UI (win8)

Mac Gujarati MT+bold

Mac Gujarati Sangam MN(lion)

Mac Arial Unicode MS(lion)


Windows Raavi +bold

Windows Nirmala UI (win8)

Mac Gurmukhi MT

Mac Gurmukhi MN(lion)

Mac Arial Unicode MS(lion)


MacWindowsTimes New Roman +bold, italic, bold-italic

Windows FrankRuehl

MacNew Peninim MT +bold, inclined, bold-inclined -A

Windows Narkisim

MacCorsiva Hebrew +bold -A

Windows David +bold

MacRaanana +bold -A

Windows Aharoni

MacWindowsArial +bold

MacArial Hebrew +bold -A

MacArial Unicode MS(lion)

MacLucida Grande

Windows MacTahoma

Windows MacMicrosoft Sans Serif(lion)

Windows Gisha +bold

Windows Levenim MT +bold

Windows Miriam

Windows Miriam Fixed

Windows Rod

Windows MacCourier New


Windows Meiryo +bold, italic, bold italic

Windows Meiryo UI +bold, italic, bold italic

Windows MS Gothic

Windows MS PGothic

Windows MS UI Gothic

Mac Hiragino Kaku Gothic Pro/ProN+W6

Mac Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro/ProN

Mac Osaka+regular-mono

Mac Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std/StdN

Windows MS Mincho

Windows MS PMincho

Mac Hiragino Mincho Pro/ProN+w6


Windows Tunga+bold

Windows Nirmala UI (win8)

Mac Kannada MN(lion)

Mac Kannada Sangam MN(lion)

Mac Arial Unicode MS(lion)


Windows DaunPenh

Windows Khmer UI+bold

Windows MoolBoran

Mac Khmer MN(lion)+bold

Mac Khmer Sangam MN(lion)


Windows Batang

Windows BatangChe

Windows Dotum

Windows DotumChe

Windows Gulim

Windows GulimChe

Windows GungSuh

Windows GungSuhChe

Windows Malgun Gothic +bold

Mac Apple Gothic

Mac Apple Myungjo

Mac Gungseo

Mac HeadlineA

Mac PCMyungjo

Mac PilGi

Mac Nanum Brush Script(lion)

Mac Nanum Pen Script(lion)

Mac Nanum Gothic(lion)

Mac Nanum Myeongjo(lion)


Windows Lao UI +bold

Windows Dokchampa

Mac Lao MN(lion)

Mac Lao Sangam MN(lion)


Windows Kartika +bold

Windows Nirmala UI (win8)

Mac Malayalam MN(lion)

Mac Malayalam Sangam MN(lion)

Mac Arial Unicode MS(lion)


Windows Mongolian Baiti

Mac STHeiti

Mac STKaiti


Mac Myanmar MN(lion)

Mac Myanmar Sangam MN(lion)

Windows8 Myanmar Text(Win8)

New Tai Lue

Windows Microsoft New Tai Lue +bold


Windows Ebrima +bold


Windows Kalinga +bold

Windows Nirmala UI (win8)

Mac Oriya MN(lion)

Mac Oriya Sangam MN(lion)

Mac Arial Unicode MS(lion)


Windows Ebrima +bold


Windows Microsoft Phagspa +bold


Windows Iskoola Pota +bold

Windows Nirmala UI (win8)

Mac Sinhala MN(lion)

Mac Sinhala Sangam MN(lion)


WindowsEstrangelo Edessa

Tai Le

Windows Microsoft Tai Le +bold


Windows Latha +bold

Windows Nirmala UI (win8)

Windows Vijaya +bold

Mac InaiMathi

Mac Tamil MN(lion)

Mac Tamil Sangam MN(lion)

Mac Arial Unicode MS(lion)


Windows Gautami +bold

Windows Vani +bold

Mac Telugu MN(lion)

Mac Telugu Sangam MN(lion)

Windows Nirmala UI (win8)


Windows MV Boli


Windows Angsana New/AngsanaUPC +bold, bold italic, italic

Windows IrisUPC +bold, bold italic, italic

Windows EucrosiaUPC +bold, bold italic, italic

Windows FreesiaUPC +bold, bold italic, italic

Windows Cordia New +bold, bold italic, italic

Windows DilleniaUPC +bold, bold italic, italic

Mac Sathu

Windows Mac Tahoma(lion)

Mac Thonburi+bold

Mac Arial Unicode MS(lion)

Windows Mac Microsoft Sans Serif(lion)

Mac Ayuthaya

Windows Browalia New/BrowaliaUPC +bold, bold italic, italic

Windows DokChampa

Windows Leelawadee +bold

Mac Silom

Windows JasmineUPC +bold, bold italic, italic

Windows KodchiangUPC+bold, bold italic, italic

Windows LilyUPC +bold, bold italic, italic

Mac Krungthep


Windows Microsoft Himalaya

Mac Kailasa

Mac Kokonor


Windows Ebrima


Windows Ebrima


Windows Microsoft Yi Baiti

Mac STKaiti/STFangsong/STSong

Mac STHeiti/Heiti SC/Heiti TC/STXihei


Some of the fonts listed above may be disabled on the user's system. I'm making an assumption that someone who reads Tibetan will have the Tibetan font turned on, but for my articles that explain writing systems to people in English, such assumptions may not hold.

The list I used to identify Windows7 fonts should be fairly stable, as is the companion list for Windows8, but the Mac font spans more than one version of Mac OS X, and I could only find an unofficial list of fonts for Snow Leopard, and there were some fonts on that list that I didn't have on my system.See the official list of fonts on Mac OS X Lion. Where a Mac font is new with Lion or Windows8 (and there are a significant number) it is indicated.

This list is aimed at end users. For application developers, it is considered poor practice to reference fonts bundled in the OS by name, and they should instead reference fonts through the use of "get system font" or "get application font" APIs that select fonts based on language or script. Doing so effectively insulates application developers from font changes across different versions of the OS.

There shouldn't be any fonts listed here for a given script that aren't supplied with Windows7/8 or Mac OS X Snow Leopard/Lion, but there are probably supplied fonts that are not yet listed here (typically these will be large fonts that cover multiple scripts). In particular, note that I haven't yet made a list of fonts that support Latin, Greek and Cyrillic (mainly because there are so many of them and partly because I'm wondering how useful it will be.)

The text used is as much as would fit on one line of article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, taken from this Unicode page, wherever I could find it. I created a few instances myself, where it was missing, and occasionally I resorted to arbitrary lists of characters.

You can obtain a character-based version of the text used by looking at the source text: look for the title attribute on the section heading.

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