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This page provides samples of text in various languages, grouped by script. You'll need a font on your system to view each of these sample texts; see a list of fonts supported by macOS, Windows11, Noto, and SIL.

Choose a script:
adlamahomanatolian hieroglyphsarabicarmenianavestanbalinesebamumbassa vahbatakbengalibhaiksukibrahmibuginesebuhidcanadian syllabicscariancaucasian albanianchamchakmacherokeechinesecopticcuneiformcypriot syllabarycypro minoancyrillicdeseretdevanagaridives akurudograegyptian hieroglyphselbasanelymaicethiopicgeorgianglagoliticgothicgranthagreekgujaratigunjala gondigurmukhihanifi rohingyahanunoohatranhebrewimperial aramaicjapanesejavanesekaithikannadakawikayah likharoshthikhitan small scriptkhmerkhojkikhudawadikirat raikoreanlaolatinlepchalimbulinear alinear blisulycianlydianmahajanimakasarmalayalammandaicmanichaeanmarchenmasaram gondimedefaidrinmende kikakuimeetei mayekmeroiticmiaomodimongolianmromultanimyanmarnabataeannewanew tai luen'konushunyiakeng puachue hmongoghamol chikiold hungarianold italicold north arabianold permicold persianold south arabianold turkicold uighuroriyaosageosmanyapahawh hmongpahlavi (inscriptional)pahlavi (psalter)palmyreneparthianphags-paphoenicianrejangrunicsamaritansaurashtrasharadashaviansiddhamsinhalasogdiansora sompengsoyombosundanesesyloti nagrisyriactai letagalogtagbanwatai thamtai viettakritamiltangsatangutteluguthaanathaitibetantifinaghtirhutatotougariticvaivithkuqiwanchowarang citiyezidiyizanabazar square


General usage

The default text used is article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, taken from this Unicode page, wherever I could find it. I created a few instances myself, where it was missing, and occasionally I resorted to other texts or even arbitrary lists of characters. I'm indebted to Omniglot for many of the less common samples.

In some cases, a square box with a cross in it is displayed (this only occurs in the text view if you have the Adobe NotDef font installed). This indicates that the font doesn't cover all the glyphs needed to represent the sample text. Most often this applies to punctuation or other common characters. In Latin text, in particular, it indicates which fonts support extended characters and which don't. In normal use in a Web browser, glyphs for such characters will be backfilled by using a glyph from some other font.

All images are set to 28px in size by default, but this can be changed.


Mouse over a sample to see available information about its source, transcription, translation, etc.

Passing parameters

Parameters can be passed in the URL for this page to show a particular script. For example, the following with open the page and display the samples for Adlam. The script value should be the ISO script code for the script in question.


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