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L (Letter) Lu (uppercase), Ll (lowercase), Lt (titlecase), Lm (modifier), Lo (other)

M (Mark) Mn (non-spacing), Mc (spacing combining), Me (enclosing), 0 (combining class 0)

N (Number) Nd (decimal digit), Nl (letter), No (other)

P (Punctuation) Pc (connector), Pd (dash), Ps (open), Pe (close), Pi (initial quote), Pf (final quote), Po (other)

S (Symbol) Sm (math), Sc (currency), Sk (modifier), So (other)

Z (Separator) Zs (space), Zl (line), Zp (paragraph)

C (Other) Cc (control), Cf (format), Co (private use), Cn (not assigned)

This tool analyses text, finds all the characters used, and shows one instance of each character, grouped by Unicode general category properties.

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The Copy icon copies the characters on that row to your clipboard, ready for you to paste elsewhere. This will not work, however, on Safari or other browsers using the webkit engine.

The Show details icon opens a separate window with an app that displays basic information about the characters for that row.

Updated 21 April, 2021

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