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Updated Fri 27 Oct 2017 • tags unicode, encoding, apps

This app analyses the characters in text that you paste into the large box at the top, and produces a list of what characters were used, grouped by Unicode block.

To identify characters and look up information about them you will find UniView extremely useful. You can paste Unicode characters into the UniView Edit Buffer and click on the down-arrow icon below to find out what they are. (Click on the name that appears for more detailed information.)

The Copy icon copies the content of the field to its left to your clipboard, ready for you to paste elsewhere. Using this method to copy the characters, rather than highlighting the text and pressing Cmd/Ctrl+C, removes the zero width spaces that are used to separate characters for display. This will not work, however, on Safari or other browsers using the webkit engine.

The Get all forms button produces 4 copies of the content in the input area. The copies are, respectively, all lowercase, all uppercase, all NFC normalised, and all NFD normalised.

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