Syriac character notes

This page lists characters in the following Unicode block and provides information about them, gathered from various sources.

See also the companion document, Syriac, for a summary of the Syriac script and its use for the Syriac language.

The page also lists characters from the Combining Diacritical Marks and Arabic blocks that are commonly used by languages using the Syriac script.

There are many dialectal variations in pronunciation of the languages listed here. The phonetic information on this page for Syriac is fairly generalised. On the other hand, the pronunciation given for Assyrian Neo-Aramaic and Turoyo reflects specific dialects, chosen because there is reasonably good documentation. The Assyrian is based on a course in reading Assyrian by Dr. Madeleine Davis Moradkhan, who based her approach on the "Assyrian Reader for Adult Beginners" by Haido & Yousif. The notes also contain information about correspondences in the Urmian dialect. The Turoyo dialect used here is that described by the Aramaic Online Project (2014-2017) edited by Shabo Talay, and the accompanying course ܫܠܳܡܐ ܣܘܪܰܝܬ Šlomo Surayt An Introductory Course to Surayt-Aramaic (Turoyo).

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