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General operation

Some of the original functionality has been changed. See the items below with this background colour.

Add a space-separated list of consonants to the Consonants field, and add the hex code point value for the virama to the Virama field. You'll want to see results for a particular font, so type the name of the font in the field just above.

As you mouse over a table cell, the components of that cell will be shown in the bottom left corner of the page. This is particularly useful if your table is so large that you can no longer see the column or row headings.

By clicking on a table cell you can highlight it or unhighlight it.


Alternatively, select a script to show a basic set of combinations for that script. (The list will be added to and refined in due course.)

Parking lot

If you double-click on a cell in the rendered list, it will be added to the parking lot area. You may want to do this for items you want to pick out for discussion or illustration. The items will all be space-separated, so you should also be able to directly copy the contents of the parking lot to the Exclude or Highlight fields (and press GO again to immediately see the results).

Alternatively, you can use the actions in the Manage selections pull-down to move highlighted items to the parking lot.

You can view the contents of the parking lot character by character by clicking on the Show in UniView button.

Using exclusions

You can use the exclusion list to prevent results being displayed for certain cells. Add a space-separated list of consonant-vowel combinations here and press GO. Hint: if you transfer a list of items from the parking lot to the exclusions box, then press GO again, the matrix will be updated without the items you selected.


Add a space-separated list of consonant-vowel combinations here, and they will be highlighted in the matrix below when you press GO.

If you have collected items in the parking lot, you could copy them here and press GO and you'll see what you've so far picked.

Parameters in the URL

The following parameters can be passed to the page via the URL: virama=, consonants=, preset=, exclusions=, highlights=, font=. This allows you to show someone else a set of combinations you are interested in.

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