Tibetan picker notes/help

Updated 23-Jun-2018 • tags apps, pickers, tibetan

This Unicode character picker allows you to produce or analyse runs of Tibetan text. Character pickers are especially useful for people who don't know a script well, as characters are displayed in ways that aid identification.

If something is broken or missing raise an issue. For version information see the Github commit list.

About the chart

Includes characters in the Unicode Tibetan block.

Controls above the text area

Transliterate. Converts the contents of the text area to a Latin transliteration that provides a single correspondence between each Tibetan symbol and a Latin symbol. It doesn't lead to a good phonetic transcription, but the process is reversible (unlike most phonetic transcriptions).

Transcribe to Wylie. Transcribes the contents of the box below from tibetan to latin script using the extended version of Wylie's transcription method as described by The Tibetan & Himalayan Library. By default, the whole content of the box is transcribed, but if you have selected a range of text only that range will be transcribed. The result appears in a separate area below the box.

Where ambiguity exists, and there is more than one way to transcribe a character, the displayed text will show alternatives. Click on the alternative that you prefer, and the others will disappear.

Note: I implemented most of the rules, but I used diacritics over lowercase letters rather than uppercase letters, except for the fixed form characters. I also didn't provide conversions for many of the symbols – they will appear without change in the transcription. There may be some bugs for the less common aspects of the transcription, but the are not likely to occur for native tibetan words.

Transcribe from Wylie. Opens the THL's Online Tibetan Transliteration Converter, since Wylie's transcription doesn't make it easy to go from latin to tibetan, and I haven't yet implemented a converter myself.

Input aids

Wylie transcription. Displays a panel that allows you to generate some Tibetan text from a THL Extended Wylie Transliteration Schema transcription. It currently offers only a basic set of characters.

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