Lao picker notes/help

Updated 15-Apr-2018 • tags apps, pickers, lao

This Unicode character picker allows you to produce or analyse runs of Lao text. Character pickers are especially useful for people who don't know a script well, as characters are displayed in ways that aid identification.

If something is broken or missing raise an issue. For version information see the Github commit list.

About the chart

Includes characters in the Unicode Lao block.

Controls above the text area

Transliterate. Converts the contents of the text area to a Latin transliteration that provides a single correspondence between each Lao symbol and a Latin symbol. It doesn't lead to a good phonetic transcription, but the process is reversible (unlike most phonetic transcriptions).

Split syllables. Breaks the text into a space-separated sequence of syllables. This seems to work in most situations, but there may be some sequences that don't yet come out right. Please let me know if you find one.

Transcribe. Converts the contents of the text area to a Library of Congress transcription. In this transcription, tone marks are ignored. It is not reversible. Although it seems to work pretty well, there may be some occasional sequences that are not correctly rendered. Please let me know if you come across one.

Input aids

Simmala transcription. Displays a panel that allows you to generate Lao text from a transcription as used by Simmala & Poonam Becker in Lao for Beginners.

Where there are multiple possible choices, these choices are presented side-by-side, and the output character for each is shown in a small pop-up box; click on the choice you want in order to add it to the text area.

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