IPA picker notes/help

Updated 21-Feb-2018 • tags apps, pickers, ipa

This Unicode character picker allows you to produce or analyse runs of IPA text. Character pickers are especially useful for people who don't know a writing system well, as characters are displayed in ways that aid identification.

If something is broken or missing raise an issue. For version information see the Github commit list.

About the chart

Includes all the symbols in the standard IPA chart. The table draws together characters from several Unicode blocks. There are also a number of additional diacritics and symbols requested by phoneticians using the chart.

Many characters are arranged similarly to the standard IPA chart. The trill and tap or flap rows of the standard chart have been merged to save space. The same applies to the approximant and lateral approximant rows. Non-pulmonic symbols were also added to the last two rows of the table for the same reason.

Controls above the text area

Input aids

The keyboard contains a subset of the characters in the default view, which are arranged as per the Unicode Phonetic Keyboard (UCL) v1.01 designed by Mark Huckvale.

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