Cherokee picker notes/help

Updated 20-Feb-2018 • tags apps, pickers, cherokee

This Unicode character picker allows you to produce or analyse runs of Cherokee text. Character pickers are especially useful for people who don't know a script well, as characters are displayed in ways that aid identification.

If something is broken or missing raise an issue. For version information see the Github commit list.

About the chart

Includes characters in the Unicode Cherokee block.

Controls above the text area

Transliterate. Converts the contents of the text area to a Latin transliteration that provides a single correspondence between each Cherokee symbol and a Latin symbol, so that the process is reversible. This is not a good phonetic transcription.

Input aids

Shape lookup. This changes the layout of the characters to one that is particularly helpful for those who don't know the script at all and want to pick characters based on their shape, or for those times when you just can't find the character you want and need a hint.

Characters are arranged based on (broad) similarity to ASCII characters. The penultimate line contains characters that don't resemble ASCII, but that have a loop in the glyph. The last line is everything else.

As in the default view, use the Shift button to access lowercase forms.

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