I put this app together to help me get closer to the correct pronunciation of names of people, cities, etc. that I came across while reading about Chinese history. There was often some combination of letters that I couldn't quite remember how to pronounce.

It's not intended to be perfect, though I think it's pretty good overall. It works with input whether or not it has tonal accents. If you can suggest improvements, please raise a github issue.

Phonetic symbols

The non-obvious phonetic symbols are pronounced as follows:

Release notes

This is the first release of this app.

The app accepts pinying text with tonal accents, but doesn't keep them in the phonetic rendering. I plan to change this in a later version.

The main sources for the phonetic mappings were Teach Yourself Chinese, by Elizabeth Scurfield, and the Wikipedia Pinyin article.

If you want some text to play with, try this: Dìzào zhēnzhèng quánqiú tōngxíng de wànwéiwǎng. It means “Making the World Wide Web truly worldwide”, and the Han version is 缔造真正全球通行的万维网.

Updated Sun 23-Oct-2016.